1980 Cotton Bowl Classic

And…here’s the game if you want to watch it:

WOW - almost as much fun as the original game! And, a lot warmer.


Sorry to bump an old topic but this is history, right?

That game was what, 50 or 60 degrees and sunshine?

That is what I remember because I was there in '80 for Nebraska and the year before, 1979 the Chicken Soup Bowl. Watching a recording gives no appreciation for the 25 degrees 25 mph wind, rain, sleet, snow. We broke 1 1/4 t 2" ice off the seats with our heels! I gotta admit Joe Montana was a great QB.

The field was slush. I remember to this day, a Notre Dame fan middle age woman walking up the ramp complaining of the cold, “It’s supposed to be 70 degrees and sunshine here!” The women insisted we leave at halftime. One of the hardest things I ever did. I was almost comfortable after some very watered down cocoa. It was hot though!

I’m going to love these recordings!

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