1988 TO 1992 Football Games

I really hope someone could help me. Back in 2009 to 2011 I bought several Houston Cougars football games from a professor at UofH. I am a football coach who has run the offense. Last year I had a house accident and lost everything including all my DVD’s. I have found some that I had on you tube. Is there still a professor who had so many of the Houston games from history? Can anyone lead me in a direction?


I think it was prof botts, a chemistry prof who was a Bama grad but he promoted UH games by extra credit in his classes and made dvds. I met him at a tailgate yrs ago when dimel was coach here. Coog 57 was another with some tapes. Prof botts left and I don’t know where coog57 went but I met both of them. So it might be tough to get dvds but I’m sure there is a way to find some.

You tube might have some as you know

I think he went back to the UK.