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The greens have completely focused on fossil fuels as the sole source of climate evil. But the reality is that agriculture and the clear cutting of forests are as big of an issue (Trees are a huge carbon sink).

New York's Sea Level Rise - Sea Level Rise.

Posting anything from the Gateway Pundit is tantamount to posting from Völkischer Beobachter.

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That is emissions, that isn’t clear cutting forests for more agricultural land.

The other problem is we are cutting down “old” forests. The older the tree, the more carbon it takes in. One new tree doesn’t equal one old tree. The inverse is true, so when you cut down a tree not only do you lose your carbon sink, you are releasing the stored carbon into the air.

I am not a tree hugger but it is a problem and man made climate change isn’t new.

The good news is the US is doing pretty well. We plant trees pretty well. But in the amazon, we are mowing down forests.

CO2 at 420 ppm is new in human history. Deforestation is a problem too. But can’t dispute the
main sources - transportation and electricity generation are 52%

I agree, that is why I am excited and proud that the University if Houston is on the cutting edge of hydrogen. That is our future. Our future is not electric.

The path we are on can and will be fixed. Mother nature is amazingly adept at fixing herself. We have caused climate change in the past and it normally resulted in crops failing and civilizations falling. Plus there were more wars over scarcer resources. Disease, famine and war reduced the populations, then ag land became forests again. Trees cooled the climate.

As one energy industry exec said, he hopes for the day that there is an efficient alternative to fossil fuels because oil is much more valuable in other products. As he said burning oil for fuel is like burning Monets for heat.

We should be engaging the oil industry in helping us with the transition but instead we demonize them.

There is so much Hydrogen in the universe that if it can be used as a energy source I feel like our energy needs would be solved. Think of the amount of hydrogen in some of the gas giants in our own solar system.

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Exactly it is an unlimited resource and the only emission in a fuel cell is water. Plus a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can be refueled very quickly as opposed to a battery powered vehicle.

Hydrogen has far more advantages BUT the technology of creating hydrogen has to improve so that it a green process. But electricity has the same problem. Also hydrogen fuel cells have to improve their efficiency.

Right now EVs are winning because there is more or less an infrastructure in place that hydrogen doesn’t have. Over time Hydrogen will win out.

U of H is on the right side of history on Hydrogen.

We are stuck on old dirty battery technology for some reason

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So sea levels are rising, there is no denying it. But some want to claim nothing has changed.

Why is Obama investing so much $ on beachfront property?

Why are you claiming that sea level hasnt changed?

Because it’s nice and people want to be there if they can afford it.

That’s a strange argument to try and construct - sea level is not rising because some person buys beachfront property.

Like asking ‘Why do people buy homes on the gulf coast when a hurricane will destroy them ?’

Do you plan to keep saying sea levels aren’t rising despite the facts they are?

And the sea level isn’t going to rise in his lifetime to a level that destroys it.

It is happening

Then the Hindenberg happened

Ports and ancient cities are under water as well. It is time to act like adults. Climate change is real and we are a major reason BUT lets stop the scare tactics and realize that climate change isn’t inevitable and and it has happened many times in our past.

We can change the path we are on (very Led Zeppelin). But when we issue scare predictions and they don’t come to pass, everyone is going to blow them off.

Sounds like this is a debate whether the sea is rising or the sky is falling.

I will quit pissing in the ocean, is my fault.