1st ammendment question?


Violation of her first amendment rights?

They are a lot of youtube channels dedicated to videos of regular people schooling the police on the actual law and their rights. Its amazing the lies police tell people to try to make them comply


The police just didn’t want anybody to say anything. It was a punk move that had no teeth. A judge wouldn’t allow it.


I think that is violation.
Shame on them all.

Shame on all of us for allowing the cancer culture in our
society to flourish and trounce common sense.

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All this is starting to have a cartel feel to it.

The failure of Uvalde police just continued.

What happens when it is not just one bad cop but the whole department?

This is a small community how can the police look at anyone and not be embarrassed.

They were on stand down . So who called l for that idiot move. Thank God for the man who rushed from the barbers chair! And glad the barber had a shot gun

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