1st time in a long time

I noticed this is the 1st time in a long time we are going into a season without the majority of our fans overly hyped about our qb situation

dating back to when we flipped kevin kolb i dont think there has been an off-season where we didnt feel extremely excited about our qb situation. that was in 2003!!

we’ve had tons of QB debates but the debates have always been between players on the roster…and its small minority who were against the favorite (normally based around height or wanting a running qb vs a passing qb.) but the majority has always loved our qb situation going into the season the last 17 years …a very strong statement to run of quarterbacks that we have had.

even piland and okorn, we were hyped about them in the offseason…
but who knows lots of offseason left, maybe something happens to get us overly excited again


Yep, I am still excited about the prospects. Hopefully Tune will mature further and Moussoud will probably redshirt. We’ll get a transfer. But generally, yes, I am more hyped about the infusion of talent overall that we are supposed to see than the QB position itself.

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Truthfully, we are still digesting this one, but, give it some time. The Excitement will come.

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So over/under for first Home game of attendance of 25,000. #Excitement

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It’s the first time in a long time we’ve seen the position kind of crater out a bit. King quitting and subsequently bailing, and Tune’s struggles (though not entirely his fault) make it hard to get super jazzed. If we come in and start looking much sharper in the spring then we might start getting excited again.

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I was talking to my brother today (also a UH alum), lamenting the fact that we will not be able to see King play for the Cougs next year. My glass is half empty. Don’t know what will happen next year. Wish I could be optimistic…

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I will take the under.

September 5, Labor Day weekend, maybe at reliant… yeah it will be amazing turnout.

Ian, we will not be playing Rice at Reliant on Sept. 5th, we will be playing at TDECU, hopefully at 7:00pm. Reliant is not looking for this game.

As for the lack of buzz or excitement about the QB at this time, it is for a couple of reasons. The folks who were so dead set that King was returning are all bummed out. That takes out a large segment of this board for sure.

On the other hand, those of us who always thought King was leaving are just happy we don’t have to listen to all of the statements ranging from condescension to outrage at calling the sainted one a liar. I am just as excited about Tune as I ever was and I fully expect him to be a very good QB for us. I think he will fall more into the Kolb mold than the Ward mold, but that is plenty good enough for me.

The thing is, with all of the new players, redshirted players, and guys returning from injuries, we really don’t know what we are getting for the whole team this fall and until the Red & White game, we really won’t know who will be starting this fall. Even after the spring game, there will be others coming in August when fall camp starts.

So, I guess we are all about as curious as we are excited. But I am looking forward to a very good season this fall.


It’ll be a good year.

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Thank god. Reliant games are silly.

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Victim mentality is strong here!


Tune has a new QB coach and another eight months to grow and learn the system. He needs to take a big step forward. I think it’s likely that he does, but we won’t know until September.

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I guess for the most part that is true but not sure I agree on Piland. I feel much better about Tune that situation

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I like Tune. He reminds of a certain PG that CKS recently used the word “circus” to describe his play. I’m sure Tune has been coached to not force things and turn the ball over. He just has a strong desire to win. I also think he isn’t fully acclimated to the speed of the college game and thinks because he has very good arm talent he can fit the ball in windows that are too tight. And then there’s the offensive line that hurried him up as well.

I think he’ll play more under control this season. I’m excited. To be honest, I can’t wait!


Yeah, I was never excited about Piland. Tune… I don’t know. I wouldn’t say excited but I’m more optimistic on him than I was Piland.



Especially Piland after the 2012 season. That said, everyone was pumped about our newest QB recruit JOK.

There isn’t the same excitement level about Massoud although he appears to be a good one too.

Maybe…Tune will be awesome.


Piland was a great guy, talked to him quite a bit in class. That said, I wasn’t excited per se when it was his turn. More cautiously optimistic to see what was next for UH football. JOK I was pretty pumped about. His first season had me ready to see what he could do in year two. We all know how that turned out.

I will say Tune was playing very well against Navy. Even the usually very negative old guys around me were raising their eyebrows at his play. I just think when Navy started scoring every possession he started pushing the envelope. With another year in the system I think he will be a very good qb.


If you notice, those highlighted plays aren’t coming in garbage time… They’re coming as UH was leading Memphis, took a lead on Navy. If we were down, the Coogs were down by less than a TD.

This isn’t just about Tune. I think this team was this close in a number of games last year. I’m ever the optimist (especially at this time of year) but I am hopeful that what we had sitting out the season on the bench will be enough to put us over the top for a successful season.

One thing’s for sure, Holgorsen doesn’t get a Mulligan next season like he did last year.