2 More Bowls Cancelled

Military and Fenway. SMU and East Carolina now have no one to play. Already happened to Memphis. maybe everyone is afraid to play AAC Schools. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let ecu and smu play.


:joy: that’s right.

I’d say Auburn is a safe bet to not COVID out since they probably know they’ll lose to full strength Houston

Miami is out of the Sun Bowl. I say let SMU play WSU.


Maybe some of these are canceling due to low ticket sales, etc?

Absolutely not.

Wouldn’t be surprised if some if this is looked at a get out of jail free card. Make it to a bowl you didn’t really want to go to while saying you made a bowl and, “oh nuts, Covid. Sorry everyone.”

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NM Bowl was on Dec 18th.
UTEP have it in them to run one more at home ?

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Sun Bowl spot should go to Memphis, if they want it, after getting screwed over by TheToad of Hawaii/Arizona State/Tulsa/Rice.

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There’s a good chance that’s exactly what’s happening

Sun Bowl might and should get a replacement.

I will keep my fingers crossed and prayers flowing until we actually kick off tomorrow.


Me too.

I wonder if the cancellations bring more eyeballs to our game.

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Boise State out of their bowl now.