2 questions

.What decision do we make if we win the coin toss?
Will we wear red or white unis?

I believe we will defer, if we win the toss.

We will be wearing our red jerseys and white pants.

Go Coogs!

Defer. Best way to go IMHO.

Blue trim, right? BLUE HELMETS?!???

It was announced, wearing red. I’ll guess white helmets since OU wears red.

Will they install palm trees before kickoff…will they install the outer skin at NRG ramps…will the restrooms have AC if they roof is open…will they have a vieew of the Houston skyline…

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not sure what the two questions have to do with each other, but I’ll play along. If we win the toss we wear red unis. If we lose the toss they wear white unis.

If I win the toss, I keep the coin to help offset the price of parking. If UH whens the toss, they take the ball to start the second half.

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White helmets,

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