2 spots

With Texas and Florida State losing in epic fashion, 2 spots should open up in the AP top 25.

Could Cincinnati sneak in withe their win over UCLA?

I don’t think UCLA was predicted to have a good season. So no …

Hawaii will get one of the spots.

cincinnati is an underdog to miami oh (who just lost marshall)…

the narrative coming of the cincy game is that ucla is horrible, not that cincy is good

Should be South Carolina and Florida moving up from spots 26 and 27. Voters tend to stick to their week one ballots

The line on OU v. UCLA this weekend is currently at OU - 30.5. In other news, after SMU got blown out by UNT, TCU is only a 23 point favorite against SMU right now. Seems like taking TCU at that number would be easy money.

Sounds like something someone would have said about UH a week ago.



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Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results…applies to investing and college football, especially after Week 1.

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