$2 Tickets for Cincy

Just an observation but there are $2 tickets for Cincy out there! $6 each after all fees. This can’t be a positive indication of a “healthy” program… Crazy…


Coy bought 2 at Baylor next to me in the 200 level for $3.

This happens when you get close, and there isn’t a lot of demand.


80% chance of rain all day is probably a big factor. Not going to be a pretty sight on TV.


All true but isn’t so much fun to start a thread b!tching about it to get some attention?

Agree with all you guys. Have a fun game - or not. Life is harder than filling up a stadium. Dana has taught me that.

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Like I said it’s just an observation, a very curious one to me at that. BTW I checked about 10 other random games including several low end G5 type schools and their cheapest tickets were about $15. Again just an observation. Something just doesn’t seem right about it if you ask me, but again, just presenting facts. This is a message board about UH football right? Ticket prices for the game are off limits to some?


Rain don’t bother these coogs, lets get it!

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But why do you care? Tickets could be for free as far as I’m concerned. Dana hasn’t built a program to ask for more.

Sweet rationalization

10% coach, 90% weak fan base

I bought some extra tickets for the game at $2 apiece. Plus $9 in service charges

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Out of line. You’re an ass. Happy to say far worse.

Yeah… this one may turn into a character builder.

I have tickets and want to go, but I don’t care enough to sit in the rain to do it.

Basketball is an entirely different story.

Cold weather does!

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Even with free tickets I don’t even think we could fill the stadium Saturday

Are we headed towards free tickets for everyone that doesn’t have them? I doubt it would work unless SeatGeek jacks up processing fees as a stunt.
I’ll never joke about Mack’s 3000 majorettes again.
There’s no way I miss this game. I love rain games. They’re my favorite. More running.



These tickets are so cheap because brokers and regular fans bought season tickets for the UT game and one to two other priority games like TCU and OK State.

Louisville’s stadium looked 80% full last night.
They’re #11, on track to an ACC championship against FSU with an outside chance at a playoff spot.

For comparison, mighty SEC has a Auburn/Arkansas matchup in Fayetteville this weekend with tics at $15; next week FIU/Arkansas is fetching $3.

Most programs are not going to have demand for mediocre years, when playing mediocre opponents.


Louisville announced 44,000 in a 60,000 seat stadium. They expanded too big. We should take note.

Eh they had 50k for VT and 52k for Duke. They probably could’ve capped their expansion somewhere in the low 50s but the extra seats come in handy when they play a team like ND or a rivalry game with Kentucky.