20,134 at Rice game?

Last night, UH and Rice played at the same time. Their announced attendance was 20,134. http://www.riceowls.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2016-2017/rice06.html

Any pics from the game? I thought Bailiff had them on the right track. They had 20,792 for UNT and 27K for Baylor. Maybe there’s a base of 19K phantom tickets.

I’m surprised that Baylor didn’t bring more fans if Rice consistently has 19K

Bailiff should have taken the UTSA job. Rice really needs to consider dropping to FCS and playing SHSU, SFA, etc. Not even trying to demean them; they just can’t compete anymore in the current CFB landscape. Basketball and other sports might improve without having to travel as much in CUSA.

Did everyone move over to the same side so they could all be in the picture together.

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Rice almost never has more than 5000 at any game not involving another old SWC school like Texas or aggie…

That number must be an error. Rice attendance always ends with three Zero’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

Flick them forever for how they did us during tdecu’s construction. I have no sympathy and want to cancel that ship series.

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Do you think the second picture is from their previous game? The top pic shows that things have gotten worse. Top deck is closed off and the other side of the 40 looks closed off too.

A picture on RowdyTalk looks like that one.

Which team is better to play in a series…UTSA or TX State?

We will help Rice’s attendance when we play them.

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Just went to Twitter, searched Rice-UTSA and pulled those 2 pics from last night that showed the different sidelines. Guess it could have been a previous game; not sure why someone would post something from 2 years ago last night…then again, its the internet.

Either way, I imagine that there aren’t many RU fans on the other side and UTSA outnumbers Rice fans this year and two years ago.

Neither of those teams tristate. We’re trying to carry a league here and crack the playoffs. We can’t do that playing start-up programs. Forget this schedule.

In fairness to Rice, the majority of their season ticket holders sit on the other side, across from the visitor’s and RU student section. That’s the side with the press box and shade.

Rice is the only winless team in America.

Their annoucned attendance is at its highest since 2012.


Must be trying to impress the MWC or AAC in case the Big 12 makes a move.

In other “fairness”, I think one guy buys most of the season tickets and gives them away if he can !!!

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