20 game flex plan on sale now - $120


So…um…the better deal would be to just buy season tickets since you can get a GA season ticket for $100.

I like the flex plan. It’s hard to make every game, which essentially is what the season ticket package offers. Plus, it’s always nice to bring a new fan or a group to the stadium as you end up with extras as the season progresses.

The only caveat is that last year, the flex did not count as “season tickets” for regional seating priority where had the previous year. Hopefully that will change back this year.

Understood. I was a bit confused on how it worked as I thought you were basically buying a 20 ticket package and only one person could use the tickets. Didn’t make much sense for them to be $20 more than season tickets.

Not a bad deal, especially for out-of-towners.