20 minute interview with Tom Franklin on the Cougars

Good listen if you get the chance. Franklin’s still a big supporter of the Coogs.



I really miss that guy. Him and Ted Pardee were so good together. Loved their homerism. So rare for us.

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Hear, hear.

Always enjoyed his play by play for our Coogs.

I liked Tom very much. Can someone remind me why he was fired from our radio team?

I think Mack was the one that spearheaded his departure.

Good interview, loved Tom’s play by play. “Stick it in your pipe and smoke it, baby!” will forever live in Cougar lore.

No slight to Eschenfelder, he’s great too.


Probably so. Heard a number of coaches weren’t pleased with some of his candid questions.

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There was an issue where he did something he shouldn’t have done on social media that didn’t reflect highly on him and it got back to University officials. They decided it was too much and they didn’t renew his contract after the year. I won’t get into the details in respect to Tom.

Yeah. That thing.

Bad thing is it wasn’t intentional at all. That’s why I don’t think maintaining a personal social media account is a great idea for public personalities.

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