20 under-the-radar freshmen for the 20-21 season - College Hoops Today

Tramon Mark, Houston: Houston returns a loaded perimeter, but it would be foolish to dismiss Mark from having a major impact for the Cougars this season. The 6-6 guard could be the most talented freshman that Kelvin Sampson had landed since he took his current post in 2014.


Mark will play quite a bit. And once he settles into the new culture he is going to be a special player here

Man. High praise for this kid. I hope he can make me forget about Nate Hinton. :sob:

Not as athletic as Nate but extremely skilled basketball player

And the motor not quite Hinton level yet but could get there

Hinton was a Dawg on the court but I believe Mark to be every bit if not more athletic than Hinton. That doesn’t make great but want to set the record straight on ability


yeah, dejon had an instagram story a while back with him and mark having a joke dunk contest…yea, mark is drastically more athletic that Hinton

hinton and mark really arent similar at all if you are talking style of player… the player closest in style is dejon, …a left handed better shooting dejon, but less play-making

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