2015 and 2016 season

Do you see any parallels between those and the 2021 and 2022 seasons?

I feel like 2015 and 2021 we overachieved. Obviously 2015 more than 2021 but even 2021 was a good year albeit weak schedule.

2016 we had promise at one point in the season. 2022 was supposed to be another 2015 year. Both turned out to be duds and could be 9-4 finishes.

At least in 2022 this 9-4 will have a bowl win, no new coach, and Big12!


If 9-4 is a dud season, then what is 0-12

We had close calls in 2021 that could’ve gone the other way too.

I have been irritated and irritable all season but when I take a step back I can honestly say this was a pretty good season. Not great but pretty good.

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In 2016 we beat OU and Louisville.

In 2022 our best wins are ECU and UTSA.


At least we beat Navy this year.


No wayyy! Lol

In 2016 we sold out NRG and TDECU…in 2022, we couldn’t give tickets away.

Big difference and for those who say it is our opponents- our AD schedules our OoC games

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In 2015 we lost to UConn and could have lost several other games…In 2016 the team won two great games and lost to teams this team would have beaten.
Get over it, Holgersen will be back next year and probably the next. The good side is that he is an experienced coach and is very familiar with the Big 12.


In 2021, I feel like we went into the season hoping to be competitive.
In 2022, I feel like we went into the season expecting to play in the AAC Championship with a potential spot in the NY6/Playoffs.

At this point, I will take 9-3 with a win at Tulsa after starting a disappointing 1-2.

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I thought we’d go 6-6 in 2021. This year I tried to not have expectations being I was so off last year.

Pretty happy that the team was able to finally start improving, just wish we’d have beaten Tulane.

Could you imagine how different this board would be with that 1 extra victory? We’d be 6-1 in conference playing for a spot in the AAC championship game. Dang. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Oh well.

If any year, this one is like 2008 when, if we’d have just freaking beat Rice, we’d have been the CUSA Champ game.

Yes that Tulane loss is haunting UH this season. There would still be some naysayers but the general mood would be much better.

I could see Pearland and a few others being Debbie Downers…

But who doesn’t like playing for a Championship?

I got called a Debbie Downer on the basketball board so I have that going for me.

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