2015 FBS College Football Stadium Experience Rankings


The metrics for this ranking is unknown, but placing TDECU at #87 is unreal.

Haven’t been here obviously.

In my opinion, since we are talking College Football Stadiums, the fact that they have the Carrier Dome before ANY college stadium makes these rankings complete garbage. Nothing beats college football OUTSIDE!

four texas schools in the top 4, very suspicious … it states they visited 56 of the 128 division I stadiums… seems like it would end at 56 with more visits to come. But by all means rate a stadium you have never been to.

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I stopped after seeing Baylor and Texas Tech in the top 10…

It’s just foolishness. Baylor ahead of Nebraska and LSU? GTFO

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Is this from The Onion? Not even die hard KU fans would put their game experience ahead of UH.

StadiumJourney’s rankings have always been weird to me. Like, UH and UT lose 2 stars on “Access” because they have traffic and charge for parking, but Lamar gets 4 stars because it’s only 80 miles east of a major city, and Tech gets 3 stars because Lubbock has an airport. Tulane gets 4 “extra” stars because you can sight-see in New Orleans, but TSU only gets 2 stars for playing in Downtown Houston and having a cool band. There are a lot of weird inconsistencies like that. I get that they’re trying to be objective by weighting every aspect of the stadium equally, but maybe this is a bad way to do it?

The access part is hilarious. I’ve traveled to 40+ college football stadiums and we have it really, really good. Our close parking isn’t that expensive. We have multiple garage options. Our stadium has it’s own light rail station literally a hail mary away from an entrance. You can park across Scott St. for $5 at Yates or free on neighborhood streets. Sure, they may “look” sketchy if you’re from Siena Plantation, but I’ve parked there and never had a problem. We also have easy access to a major interstate (I-45) and multiple back road options to take you to 288. Or, you could just tailgate pre-and post-game and miss the traffic altogether.


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