2015 Season

At what point during 2015 did you start to feel like we had something special?

That is a great question!

For me it was the the Navy game. The Memphis game gave me a huge high, but NY6 was not something I immediately thought. When we looked so dominant vs Navy that is when I knew.

Thinking back, we were not always dominant vs teams. We would be close or struggle to do certain things. It was obvious that GW made it all happen.

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Louisville win.

The 2014 UCF game. From that point on, I knew we could have something good. Felt so bad for Greg Ward with that fumble, but at the point I knew he would QB us to something good.


Likewise, after Loiseville win. However, that team had played together throughout 2014, and the turning point was against Pitt at the bowl game. Go back and rewatch that fourth quarter and see that team establish an identity.


After we beat Louisville on the road.

The Louisville game wasn’t that impressive to me – they weren’t really Louisville like they were in 2016 at that point, and Lamar Jackson had yet to become LAMAR FREAKIN’ JACKSON. Plus, that game was exceptionally flukey – lots of botched snaps, a KR TD, a missed Field Goal – and if any of those don’t happen, we lose. I remained pretty skeptical that year until we won the Memphis game, at which point I was pretty much sold. I still didn’t think we’d beat FSU, though.

Memphis game TDECU was electric even when we were down nobody gave up.