2015 UH vs 2017 UCF?

Who wins?

I’m rolling with a stout cougar defense vs the best offense in the country.

UH 38 UCF 35


Are u serious… Lol

That UH was a great team. Probably a consensus Top 8.

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Their O was slightly better than ours. Our D is much better than theirs. 45-35 good guys.


2015 UH…defense much better than Memphis 2017. Memphis has won “despite” their defense

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Are there Herman rumors before the game?


Totally depends when we play them, early season 2015 UH was would have been beat pretty bad by late season 2015 UH. If for conference championship at home at the end of the year, we probably win by around 10. Bowl game UH at neutral site, still a td win. We play them early in the season on the road, its a loss. Middle of the season, I am uneasy about it too. We struggled with Cincy and had the miracle against Memphis.

UCF still has to win their bowl.

UCF barely beat Memphis when our 17 coogs actually had the game but lost in the last minutes.

15 coogs beat 4 top 25 teams including a Florida State Cook lead team and Louisville.

Coogs 1 million UCF 0.

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UCF wouldn’t have scored more than about 24 on that team - Coogs would have won by 2 TDs.

33 17 us