2016 Depth Chart For NCAA 14

Sweet! All credit to the man that keeps us all informed KFD91

Right now our rosters are for the PS3 but we are also converting them to X-Box not sure if you play the game or not.

Here is our link: http://www.operationsports.com/forums/ncaa-football-rosters/874078-ncaa-football-14-2016-17-roster-update-ps3.html

I will give credit to whoever man i truly appreciate the help! Without the info that you gave me i would have been doing a ton of catch up if it was even possible to catch up that much.

What are the yellow highlights for?

Looking at this now. Looks really good. Thanks for putting this together KFD91.

The only thing I found is to switch DT with LDE.

RB, inside receiver, and outside cornerback are the 3 positions where we cannot afford injuries. We are already feeling the effects on the slot receiver with the top 2 sidelined by injuries. Wish Ayers stayed one more year.

You said switch DT with LE can you be more specific and tell me why you are saying that?

In base defense:

BJ Singleton and Jerard Carter would be the nose tackles.
Nick Thurman and Ed Oliver would be at the 5 technique.

In nickel defense where we play a 4-2, but one of the d-lineman on the 4 man front is standing up, all 4 of the guys mentioned above are defensive tackles. BJ and JC are probably 1 tech, while EO and NT would be 3 tech.

Alright thank you. I will be working on the offense tonight and try to finish up the defense tomorrow. You guys are awesome and i truly appreciate you helping me out tonight!

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