2016 Depth Chart For NCAA 14

What’s up Cougar fans? I am trying to finish the Houston Cougars for our 2016 rosters and the information I have is extremely limited. So i was hoping that some of you who follow the team could help me fill in the holes. I need a 69 man depth chart for the game and right now this is what my depth chart is looking like.

QB - Greg Ward Jr.
QB - Kyle Postma
QB - Bear Fenimore
QB - Kyle Allen

RB - Duke Catalon
RB - Kaliq Kokuma
RB - Kevrin Justice
RB - Josh Burrell
RB - Mulbah Car

WR - Chance Allen
WR - Steven Dunbar
WR - Linell Bonner
WR - Ra’Shaad Samples
WR - Isaiah Johnson
WR - John Leday
WR - Courtney Lark
WR - Tren’Davian Dickson

TE - Tyler McCloskey

As you can see I have not made it far! Some insight on this would be extremely helpful bcuz i want these guys to be as accurate as possible!

Not perfect but:

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^That seems right, but I’d add the caveat that Allen is probably the second best QB on the roster – though he’s not on the depth chart for transfer reasons.

This is awesome thank you! I was beginning to lose hope there after awhile lol. I am working on Houston right now as we speak. Can you tell me where you got this info from? I like to verify sources not saying this is incorrect because it looks similar to what i have read recently just like to have some sources for reference.

Guesses and reading stuff here and there.

Podcast - Real Talk with JD helped.

Thank you very much. Is there anyway you can post this as a file so i can read it easier if not i understand? May i ask what you use this depth chart for?

send to friends who follow UH like me.

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That’s cool. Is Kokuma injured is that why he is off the 2 deep?

I don’t think he is injured. I just don’t hear his name.

Now Samples is injured or was right? I just read that if the season started today that Bonner would start in the slot.

Also is Sells for sure 3rd on the depth chart or is that a guess?

It isn’t Allen bc he has to sit out this year. All I hear is Bowman Sells

Bonner, King - up in the air. No one here knows.

What’s up with Tren’Davian Dickson?

Tren hasn’t been cleared by the NCAA yet. He is trying to get a waiver so he doesn’t have to sit out.

Alright thank you. I am putting these guys together at the last moment. Another editor who works on the rosters with us took over Houston but then he gave them to me. So with the little info that’s out there I am trying to put them together b4 the season starts. What positions on your depth chart do you think are solid?

Outside receiver

In that order

Lol damn I was hoping to find out something new but that was the few spots i was already sure of myself.

? For NCAA 14 the video game?

Ya do you play it? I did Houston last on the game but between work and whatever else a new person got them this year. Then i ended up getting them back. If you would like the link to our site I would be more then happy to give you credit on there for your help!

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