2017 Coogfans Preseason Poll

You have a time machine and you’re able to travel forward in time to the morning of December 4th, what is the teams record?

  • 12-0
  • 11-1
  • 10-2
  • 9-3
  • 8-4
  • 7-5
  • 6-6
  • No bowl.

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I predict 12-0 every year; but this year, in the interest of being realistic, I am factoring in the possibility of actually screwing up against a team we should beat. So, I went with 11-1.


Begininning of season hope is a beautiful thing.


Realistically, UH football team has clear deficiencies ( secondary & uncertainty at QB and new coaching staff ) 8-4 would be my unbiased prediction. But I’ll I see is cougar red. So I’ll go with 12-0.

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Waffled back and forth between 9-3 and 10-2, ended at 9. If Allen takes control as an offensive leader, and D’Onofrio has learned from and corrected some of the scheme deficiencies from his time at Miami, could be a special year. 3 losses I had were at Arizona, at USF, and one of Navy or Memphis at home.

I agree with USF or Memphis/Navy, but I think we beat Arizona. I also think we can beat Memphis. USF I think will be our hardest game to win. So, I will say 10-2. But we have the potential if everyone is healthy and Allen lives up to his potential we could be 12-0.

14 - 0 baby!

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I have losses to USF and Tulsa. I just think Tulsa is going to surprise this year. They have a favorable schedule with Navy, Houston, and Memphis at home and a lot of returning talent. At the end of the season, I feel that Cougar faithful are going to be praying for Tulsa to have an extra division loss, otherwise we are on the outside looking in at the championship game at 9-3 or 10-2.

Memphis is always a push. The last three matchups have been decided in the closing minutes and always end up less than a touchdown spread. We are 6-1 in the last seven matchups with them. Levine always had their number somehow. It was crazy.

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I’m glad you changed your prediction this year. NOW we can finally go 12-0.



Tulsa will not win the West, UH will in a close one. USF is our only worry for a New Year’s bowl. 11-1 baby.

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Why not 15-0? Think natty if you’re shooting for the moon!


He’s just being realistic…he knows the playoff committee will snub us. :wink:

We are going to win 9 games…

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