2017 Football Season Ticket Deposit

I got an email from Houston Athletics this morning asking for a $30 deposit towards 2017 season tickets. This is a change from previous years where we just got an email asking for renewal in Spring. Do any of you know why we made a change? If we don’t put a deposit down now, are our season ticket renewals in danger for some reason? This seems strange to me.

Yea I saw the twitter post about it. Made me a bit nervous.

Come on guys. Its $30. Its your Christmas present to yourself.

But I thought if you previously had season tickets a deposit wasn’t necessary?

I mean, I’m going to pay obviously. But I’m just wondering why the change? I don’t want ANY deterrents to the season ticket momentum we generated this year. I’ve had season tix for 8 years and some of you a lot more, but more than half of our season ticket holders came on board the last two years. We already have a coaching change and less momentum going into next year with no OU game to dangle. Why create another small barrier to entry?

This came up last year and they had to clarify that deposits were not required for existing ST holders. I’m surprised they didn’t put a note about that cause they damn will better not be requiring me to put down a deposit on a season ticket I already have.

Done and done. Last season was my first as a season-ticket holder. During the checkout process you can write a comment about your preference for seats. I wrote that I wanted to keep the same six seats I had last year.

Ticket office says that it is not required of current season ticket holders. I’m doing it anyways to show support.

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