2017 Football Teleconference Week 7 - Houston Head Coach Major Applewhite

  • Talks about how he felt about the performance Saturday: very proud of different areas.
  • Talks about Tulsa and Coach Montgomery.
  • Asked about the performance of the conference so far this year.
  • Joey Knight mentions he’s writing an article for the Tampa Times about revised schedules. CMA says it really didn’t affect us since it was just flipping the two games; all handled by the AD.

Morris talks about how his offense was inefficient and how his defense didn’t tackle very well. Mentions that UH hadn’t shown the running ability all year, but does compliment Houston and Duke Catalon. UH very efficient on 3rd down. Couldn’t get in a rhythm to gain momentum.

Mentions that they were one of the best redzone offenses all year and only scored 2 TDs in 6 trips.

JD asks him about Oliver playing. Says he felt that Oliver would play and that Oliver’s leadership and style bring so much to the UH defense. Looked pretty good to him.

JD asks him about how he has to prepare for Allen or Postma. Montgomery mentions that Postma brings that running aspect that you have to account for and he’s making plays in the passing game. Also asks him about Oliver and how he impacts the game; Montgomery praises Oliver and goes into why he’s a rare type of player.