2017 New Student Ticket Policy


I see where they are limiting to 5,000 student tickets. In my opinion and probably many others, if tickets are not sold and more than 5,000 students want to attend I say let as many students in that want to attend. I am sure the athletics department and ticket office would have some kind of logistics issue. Maybe they could make a policy that any available tickets three hours before game time can be picked up with a student ID. No that would make too much sense for our ticket office.


Was it 7,500 last year? They are the life of the college game experience… it would be a bummer if students are turned away and we have empty seats on the upper decks like we usually do. Or maybe they limited the number of students to accommodate the additional season tix we sold this year : /

I saw the stat somewhere that only once or twice have students gone over 5k.

I agree if there are more than 5k and it’s not sold out they should get in. We will likely have it be an issue for the TT game.

Finally. I hated having to miss tailgating and Cougar Walk and stuff while I was in school because I was paranoid about not getting in.

I’m pretty sure the amount of tickets (with no extra cost) was always limited to 5k. (1 per student) I think the week before many games that still had over 5k tickets available, students that didn’t claim a (no extra cost) ticket were given the option to get a student section ticket for $5. It would be insane to charge additional students $20 for their own ticket this year if a game is not close to sell out.

Does anyone know if grad students also are eligible for the 5,000 freebies? My wife just started her Masters program this semester.

If she has a student ID, she’s eligible.

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That is awesome, the more the better.