2018-19 Bowl Schedule

Hawaii Bowl won’t be Christmas Eve this season. G5 representative will be able to play in either the Peach or the Fiesta Bowl this year (probably the Fiesta)

ESPN to Televise 35 Bowl Games During the 2018-19 College Football Postseason

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AAC Bowl Matchups this year, not including the NY6

– Armed Forces Bowl vs. Big 12
– Bahamas Bowl vs. Conference USA
– Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC
– Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt
– Frisco Bowl vs. MAC
– Gasparillia Bowl vs. TBD
– Military Bowl vs. ACC

Additionally, the AAC has secondary rights with the AutoZone Liberty and Camping World Independence if the main affiliations can’t fill their slots.


They love to keep us at bay don’t they?

That is absolute garbage that they’re not going to have the Hawaii bowl on Christmas Eve. Unless I’m mistaken it is always been on Christmas Eve and that is one of the perks of that bowl. Your team is the only team playing on that day and that is one of the consolations of having to fly halfway across the country to play in that bowl. Whether it is a marquee matchup or not you get more exposure because there’s no other competing games. I don’t like it.


There is no consolation for not being with your family during a important, religious holiday. If a person isn’t Christian that’s different but the majority of coaches and players are and you have to believe they would rather be home with their families on Christmas Eve.

Oh I agree and I’m not even questioning that. My argument was simply that they’re making that bowl less attractive.

However, you can say that if this ball game gets a player extra exposure to where they get drafted that is a consolation that would be for them and their family.

I seriously doubt the players and coaches are that upset about missing one Christmas with their family as a trade for a free trip to Hawaii.

Teams usually arrive multiple days out so there will probably be over 20 teams missing Christmas at home.

That’s a good point. Maybe Christmas doesn’t mean all that much any more. I remember watching the pros play on Christmas as a kid and feeling sorry for them that they weren’t home with their families.

The 2003 Hawaii Bowl with Houston and Hawaii was played on Christmas day. I remember me and some of the extended family went to BW3 after dinner. What a game.

I’d guess the actual day on which Christmas and Christmas Eve fall and the televisions calendars and such have more to do with when it’s played than anything else.

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Good point, Guessing ESPN didn’t want the game going up against Monday Night Football (or the Bowl Organizers didn’t want that). Instead, they moved the game to the Saturday where there is no competition.

My guess is that it’ll be moved back next year.

Full Schedule is now out as CBS and FOX released their televised games



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That is a major upgrade. The Pirate Ship is a fun stadium


What’s a Gasparilla anyway?

A pirate.

So we have an affiliation with the Armed Forces Bowl again? I may be in the minority here, but that makes me happy. A bowl in a fun city like FW that’s driveable for Coog fans is a good thing. If we don’t make the Fiesta or Peach, that would be my first choice.

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“With those two additions, the ACC will be dropping its affiliations with postseason games played in Detroit (Quick Lane Bowl) and Shreveport (Independence Bowl).”

Couple of spots opening up.
Shreveport for the Independence vs the SEC has real possibilities for the American.

Quick Lane Bowl is B10 vs ACC or MAC (if no ACC teams are left)

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2019-2020 AAC Line up

Jared Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC
Bad Boy Mowers Gasparillia Bowl vs. CUSA
Hawaii Bowl vs. BYU or MW
Military Bowl presented by Northrup Grumman vs. ACC
Cheribundi Tart Cherry Bowl vs. CUSA
AutoNation Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt