2018 AAC Baseball Tourney - Houston vs ECU Game 5 - Friday at 9 AM (L 12-1 in 7)

Live Video:

Faccebook Link:


Live Stats (Look for Houston-ECU Game 13):

Link to USF-UCONN game that will be going on at the same time:

Note: No idea when the championship game would be played. Originally, it was scheduled to be Sunday at noon on ESPNNews. However, I checked the ESPN broadcast schedule and it’s no longer listed. Latest update from the Conference is that the Final is TBA which means they’ll probably just try to get it in when they can…maybe tomorrow after these two game at some point.

By the way, I’ve got an appointment at 10:30 that I can’t miss so I won’t really be able to post updates for this game.



Hurricane fence!

lets gooo!!!

HR Bielo

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The bats have had a good week. Here’s hoping it continues next week.


Looking like pitching Bielo was not such a good idea.


I have the sound down, but I don’t think we have recorded an out yet. Edit: Then there was an awesome double play

Nice DP from Davis

UH 1 ECU 2 after 1

Lots of solid contact from the Pirates in the 1st inning. 2-1 ECU after 1. Not sure who next is. Would have thought Bond would get a look.

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Live stats page is not working.

I was thinking maybe Hunter Edwards or Carter Henry

Watching through the fence is giving me a headache…I’m out…good luck the rest of the way Coogs

Yeah I’m not usually one to complain about quality, but this has the feel of a high school recording.

Edit: It is kinda cool seeing the pitches come at you over the plate.

Are we wearing practice shirts. I cannot see a number or name.

No they are wearing the ones with Black numbers outlined in red.

Video feed reminds me of my days in Huntsville playing pea-knuckle waiting for my cell block to have access to the recreation area.