2018 American Athletic Football Spring Teleconference

I linked to CMA’s start time, but just in case, it begins at 1:02:50

  • Very fortunate to have as physical a spring practice and come away with few injuries. Last year had 8 or 9 serious injuries during the spring
  • Asks the team, who are we playing for? About us, the guys in the locker room, the city of Houston
  • Guys had fun this spring
  • Felt the additions on staff was good. Felt that Williams and Morgan helped bring an aspect of physicality that was missing last year in the secondary. D’Onofrio tinkered with a few things on defense to shore things up. Adds that Williams and Morgan helped add Man back to the corners venacular.
  • Talks about adding Briles and Clements and how they will improve the offense. Feels that the new system is similar to the old system, but feels that this offense allows guys to be more confident and move faster to get into the correct positions.
  • Asked about bring in Briles. Says that you have to figure out what you want to do on offense and felt that Briles could help utilize the speed and explosiveness at the skill positions that Houston is usually able to recruit. Also mentions how the offense doesn’t just abandon the run and that the offense’s success speaks for itself.
  • Mentions the players love working for Briles and Clements and that he saw it this spring in their excitement.
  • Mentions the high amount of turnover on the coaching staff and mentions that he told the players that he was encouraged about the spirit coming from the players and the competitive leadership coming from the juniors and seniors on the roster.
  • Believes that the competitiveness experience coming back will help them win those close games that they lost last year.
  • Adding Dormandy is philosophically is the same as 2015 when the team added Adam Schultz. Provides a blanket of security that has experience instead of having a backup that has none. Also provides experience in the QB room and allows for the Coogs to possibly move Bryson to WR while also having him in the QB room and learn both positions.
  • D’eriq is the starter going forward. He has to earn his position, but he is the starter going into the fall.
  • Need depth, starting to see it at DL, and we’re starting to build it back. Competition at positions make players better and makes coaches better.
  • Is asked about having a Spring Practice off campus. Answers that they have considered it for next season. Have considered doing it within city limits and outside the city as well. Might do it just for the fan aspect and getting folks excited in those areas, not worried about getting recruits to the practices as they were able to get the recruits in with no problem.