2018 American Football Teleconference Week 5 - Houston Head Coach Major Applewhite

CMA talks freshman around 7:00 in. Says 4 freshman will end up not redshirting: Kirven, Mutin, Smith, and Hall…all defensive guys

I think our biggest losses after this year are from the defense. I’m glad we’re getting young guys ready to go. We saw the lack of depth on D in the Tee Tee game.


The guy before JD “good luck this weekend coach.” Yeah thanks 1-0 on the bye week.


Honestly while at the game Saturday I thought the third string players (true freshman) looked better than our second team.

Of course it is tough to get the best barometer against TSU but it didn’t look like TSU took out their starters until the end of the 4th.

But I am definitely pleased with the future of our RB and WR core. I thought Logan Hall looked good and looked like Payton Turner last year. Once he fills out a little more those two could be terror on the ends.


The audacity of a guy to ask a question and say “power 5” on an AAC conference call. The Big12 has at least earned the designation…:sunglasses: