2018 Commit Rating Tracker

Is there anyone keeping an eye on how our committed recruits ratings change over the year? I know last year @kfd91 provided us with some helpful data across the three major rating systems and how they changed after TH flipped them to tu. I’m curious to see what happens to our unrated commits as the year goes on, especially when other schools try to flip them.

I know our OL Jack Freeman was unrated when he committed. Now hes a 2 star.
I think TE Spencer Wells was only a 2 star before committing.


For reference: Commit Rating Tracker - #25 by kfd91

Agreed, don’t know if @kfd91 would be up for it, but it would be great to see it again.

S Garrison Vaughn jumped in ranking

Commit Rating Tracker.pdf (39.0 KB)

I went ahead an made a list of the commits thus far. I kept noticing players changing from day to day and I wanted to keep track.

I’m open to suggestions if people want more information.


On the 247 composite two of our commits just got bumped higher. They were 2 stars and now they are low three stars. I don’t know if someone reevaluated them or if one of the services went from not rating them to rating them thus bumping up their composite score, but still nice to see.

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Kelan Walker is no longer a 4 star on ESPN

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I have already been on it.