2018 Houston Cougars Season Preview


It’s tough to say. We may not find out much in the first game against Rice, but we will find out a lot when Arizona comes to town. If Houston can find a way to win that game and the next week in Lubbock, this team will be dangerous. Can Houston win every game? Yes, but it’s tough to make that jump right now.Arizona and Texas Tech will be big challenges, and there are also multiple tough games in the second half of the season as well.

My pick: Houston goes 10-2


10-2 sounds really good looking at the schedule as long as the 2 losses do not include TSU, SMU, Tulsa, Rice or Tulane

or Memphis and Navy. I want to win the West, and in order to do that, I don’t think we can lose a divsional game. AAC West is going to be tough this year, but I think we got the talent to get it done.