2018 Rule Changes


[Keeping CoogFans up-to-date on the rules so they seem like they’re smart]



If the NCAA really wants to shorten the length of the game then all they have to do is remove some of tv timeouts.


Speaking of TV timeouts. After every score there is one and I don’t see how the following would apply:

The rules committee continues to try to reduce the overall length of games by gaining efficiency during “dead” times. This year, the rules have changed to shorten the time between the touchdown and the extra point, and between the kickoff return and the first play from scrimmage. In both cases, the 40-second play clock will start as soon as the ball is dead. Instead of pausing for one minute between the touchdown and the extra point, the 40-second play clock will begin counting down as soon as the touchdown is scored. Similarly, when the ball becomes dead after the kickoff the 40-second play clock will start. This should have a significant impact on the amount of time it takes to “manage” a touchdown and the ensuing kickoff.

I have a feeling this rule will separate the good coaches from the mediocre coaches. In other words, I expect to see a bunch of delay of games from unprepared teams.


Agreed. But greed keeps that from ever happening. They gotta feed the P5 cartel.

Coogs ultimate goal is to be part of that cartel.


My recollection was that Navy WRs were pretty agresssive with downfield cut blocks which are now illegal.

Note Paul Johnson’s description of it as a band-aid without a cut.

I kinda feel like the NCAA needs to get rid of players tackling by diving at the legs. Arm tackling the legs I think is fine. Diving shoulder first to knock them off their feet is not only dangerous to both players but it also promotes bad tackling technique.

This should cut down on the party after the TD penalties since there won’t be much time for it.

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I see more delay of game penalties especially the first few weeks.

Shasta better be in shape. More pushups, less time.


Good, if players can’t block others straight up, they need to be off the field. Cut blocking is weak, even in a literal sense.

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That’s one thing that Herman was on game day… prepared. Levine on the other hand could adjust but almost never seemed ready for kickoff.

So what about DBs who cut linemen that are coming at them ?

What would be the point of a DB cutting a lineman that is coming to block them? It takes the DB out of the play as well.

Create a pile and take out blockers so others can clean up.

I think going for 2 is a good way to burn an opponets timeout

Exactly, the Db is going to be out of play if they’re 195 and the lineman is 300 with a full head of steam. Dbs are taught to come up and go low to blow up the block and and force the runner out of the intended running lane.

They should try their best. lol It’s also on the defensive line to keep the second level clean. People would rather take out someone’s knees and injure them then take a but whooping on a blocking assignment, and it’s a shame.