2018 Schedule News

Aggies released their schedule and the Coogs are heading there Apr 3rd for a midweek game.

Schedule should be out tomorrow:


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29 home games, same as last year

Opening at home for the 13th straight year



We’re playing at Tulane this year Apr 13-15. No return series with Wichita State being added to the league.


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Hell of a schedule. Can’t wait for the season.


Looks like we have some good opponents this month. Was hoping to see more Big 12 opponents but I am happy to see A&M and UT on the schedule in addition to Rice and SHSU. Cal State Fullerton and San Diego look interesting.

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Tulane > Memphis

Memphis was the worst team in the conference last year and Wichita State had a worse RPI than Memphis so I’m not sure why JD said that. ECU “should” be much better and, like you said, Tulane will be good again.

@UConn will also be tough. At least it is late enough so that the weather is less likely to be bad.

Yep, That team is tough to beat at home. Still remember that disastrous series we had there 2 years ago.

Last year’s RPIs for our opponents next year. Bold are games against Top 100 opponents. My guess is that we’ll play Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Vandy in the College Classic since all 3 are SEC teams and probably aren’t going to play each other.

Holy Cross x 3: 206
@SHSU: 37
@Cal State Fullerton x 3: 25
TSU: 267
College Classic x 3
- Kentucky: 9
- Vanderbilt: 18
- Mississippi State: 21
- SHSU: 37
- ULaLa: 61
HBU: 119
McNeese State: 45
San Diego x 3: 53
@McNeese State: 45
Columbia x 3: 129
Lamar: 104
PVA&M: 285
Memphis x 3: 118
@Rice: 41
@Cincinnati x3: 95
@Texas A&M: 33
USF x 3: 22
Rice: 41
@Tulane x 3: 82
SHSU: 37
Wichita State x 3: 146
@Texas: 16
@ ECU x 3: 81
SHSU (Sugarland): 37
UCF x 3: 26
SFA: 152
@UCONN x 3: 42
Rice (Sugarland): 41
@SELA x 2: 30

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Has anyone heard when the fall world series will be for the Cougars?

Not yet, but it’s usually the last week of October.

Dropped one game against Columbia and added New Mexico. New Mexico had an RPI of 74 last year.


Anyone else planning on making the A&M and ut-austin roadies?