2019-20 Houston Cougars men's basketball team preview

Written as if Grimes won’t play this season.

The Cougars will finish the season as the second-best team in their conference with a 29-5, (16-2) record, but will fall short of the AAC title to Memphis.

Last season, Sampson did an awesome job filling in the voids that were left by his seniors, and one should expect him to be successful again. Unfortunately, the lack of experience on the team may cause for a disappointing season in Houston. Thankfully, all would have to go extremely wrong for the Cougars to regress that low.

If Hinton, Jarreau, and Mills play at a high level on the nightly basis, the Cougars will still be a dangerous team coming out of the American Athletic Conference. As one of the best coaches in the nation, Sampson will have his guys ready to defend their AAC title on their way to their third consecutive trip to the NCAA Tournament next spring.


Not buying the Memphis hype at all. They will be no better than a Kentucky who we should/could have beat. Hardaway doesn’t have the resume for trying to blend all the egos trying to share only one ball. We’ll see. I just expect the typical underachieving for the overhyped.

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I think 16-2 in AAC will win the conference. I am not buying that any team can go through this conference undefeated or with only one loss.

UH has come a long way if 29-5 (16-2) is considered a “disappointing season in Houston”


I may have misread that. He is saying the lack of experience MAY lead to a disappointing seasin but he doesn’t think it will and they will finish 2nd. My bad.

+1 Cougar Dave…we have come along way under CKS. I’ll take 29-5 and 16-2 all day, every day. I don’t miss 195 fans sitting in the old Hoff as UH struggled to a .500 record. With CKS driving the bus, these are good times to be a UH men’s BB fan!

Go Coogs. Peace.


Decent read here that only mentions one UH player (Dejon), but picks UH to win the conference because Memphis will be playing a bunch of freshmen. There’s a passing mention of Grimes, but this article is really sleeping on Hinton.

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Pre-broken nose Hinton was coming on strong last season. Look at the games before the broken nose at Fertitta Center vs. Temple. He had a game vs. Wichita St where he got to watch a lot from the bench but it seemed to be clicking for him. Looking forward to seeing what he can do this season.

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