2019 AAC power rankings: UCF’s reign only gets tougher

Coogs get the 4th spot

Memphis and UCF both have absurd depth, but King would have had about 3,700 passing yards and at least 1,000 non-sack rushing yards last year had he not gotten hurt late in the season. He’s absurdly fun, and it’s easy to assume he and Dana Holgorsen will get along well.


Would love to go to Orlando and snap UCF’s home winning streak like their basketball team did our Coogs at the FC.


Gleson Sprewell our best defensive player? Yeah, I agree with that for right now. A healthy Chambers will challenge for that title, I think. And there are always surprises.

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Stuard was all over the place at the Spring practice. I think the coaching staff will be using him more and he will hopefully have a stand out season also

He’s always all over the place. I hope he shows improvement. He has a tendency to bite on fakes a lot and not maintain his lane when rushing leading to easy yards for a scrambling QB or RB on a delay.


Haha…true, Hopefully this coaching staff can reel him in and teach him not to do that

This is true.

I was actually hoping Holg would convert him to RB and maybe redshirt him this year.

Yep, maybe he can be the next Brandon Wilson if he can get some discipline.

Hulk Holgo could be heard at spring pratice telling Stuard multiple times…Stay in your lane, bro…