2019 College Football Season Will Kick Off With A Few Appealing Non-Conference Matchups


Interesting…2 teams from the AAC and 2 from the MWC.

Am I the only one who fantasizes about a merger between the 2 along with BYU? Top 7 or 8 from each conference and calling it the Big 14 or 16?

Yes you are. We need to bury the MWC, not merge with it. I don’t mind adding BYU though.


You may be as the AAC is now considered (by most) to be the best conference outside the P5. We just need to take care of our own and:

  1. Not schedule any 1AA teams, and,
  2. Beat every non-conference foe

They have multiple teams each year ranked and competing for the NY6 bowl. Bringing those programs along with the top AAC programs could be seen as a power conference.

Might make things more interesting while we wait for an invite from the P5.

I believe i heard somewhere that the Big 16 is already trademarked for the big 12 in case they go to 16. Now, i could be wrong…

Big 12 has both Big 14 and Big 16 trademarked and also own the trademarks to the SWC


Oh I thought I read somewhere they let it expire.

They should rename it the “Fly Over” conference.

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