2019 Football Roster

Tune had flashes of being a good QB.

But we certainly need to sign a “stud” QB next December or February.

Anyone think we won’t have at least 1 transfer brought in to compete for starting QB next year?

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Man, did you even read the article in The Cougar. It was CDH who made the quote, I extrapolated nothing. Drop the effin subject man.


I know that there has been a faction that wanted Smith as QB from the day he signed. It seems every time we sign a QB that a faction lines up behind him as the next Andre Ware or Case Keenum. I am not informed enough to determined how a kid is developing and only go one what I see in actual games. One game, or a few passes is not enough to properly evaluate.

However, the coaching staff has a chance to see what a kid can do day in and day out. They study all of the film and see things we don’t. They see how he assemilates the system and how he executes it.
When CDH came, everyone had the same opportunity to grasp his system and state their case on the field. Two staffs now have determined that Smith is better for us at WR. At another school he may be better for them as a QB when compared to their options; but we are talking UH. So, unless CDH re-opens the book on Smith as a QB, I will say that him being a WR is settled.

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He was money on two-point conversions.


Did you see Bryson’s no-look pass on that 2 point conversion? Yes it was one play it was also one of the prettiest 2 point plays I’ve ever seen. He had the speed and angle to run it in but went for the flash when he saw it because he had the defense in the palm of his hand on that play.

Show me anything from Tune’s much larger body of work that comes close to that level of skill and awareness.

Bryson should have started at QB vs Army for a number of reasons. You can look back I said it long before the massacre happened. He hasn’t gotten the fair shot at QB he was promised since he’s been here.

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Dan, see my last post above.

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All good friendly July discussion. Your points are valid. I’m definitely partial to Bryson because he’s from Tyler and is in the mold of GW2.

IMO CKB looked at B Smith as a “secret weapon” with his elusiveness and speed and just wanted him on the field a lot a la Percy Harvin or Reggie Bush rather than having him on the bench at QB behind King all season. Mixed results on that.

IMO CDH is trying to get away from the WR/ATH/QB system that has served us fairly well the last few years and go with more conventional QBs. I’m trying to trust CDH on this decision he can develop QBs no doubt.

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Saying he has not gotten a fair shot is quite a reach. ,
I would not have played Tune and ruined the RS season but he was clearly the second option.
Unfortunately I think Tune suffered from an incompetent staff for that bowl game.


Lol you extrapolated his quote! You cant hide behind “did you even read?”. Your argument is flawed. But carry on.

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" Signees still to report

Two signees - Alief Elsik offensive tackle Rodquice Chaney and Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College defensive tackle Jamykal Neal – have not reported to school as they resolve academic issues, coach Dana Holgorsen said.

UH reports for camp Aug. 2 and begins workouts the following day."

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