2019 Football Roster

Intial thought just skimming the new roster
I don’t see one of our JC DL
Dansby is listed under the wrong position group.

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Keandre Street
Justin Harris
Jamykal Neal
Rodquise Chaney
Hasaan Hypolite- but thinking he is supposed to arrive later in the summer or for the fall.

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Can’t find any of the 1st four in the directory. Street does still have his UH visit picture as his Twitter picture. Same with Neal.

Hypolite is enrolled at UH already.

This is all fan opinion and I’m not CDH.

I don’t see the harm in putting Bryson in the QB room and position group this year. We are absolutely loaded at WR this year and next year we need a QB with no clear answers. As we’ve seen with King and Ward it can make a huge difference the more time you spend in the QB room.


I agree. Bryson needs to see snaps at QB some time this year. I’m not fully sold on Tune. The QB battle for next year should definitely start now!


Tune is gonna be a stud

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I would say we loaded up on the defensive backfield, 13 CB’s and 11 Safeties!
The OL looks stout, averaging 6’6" and 305lbs, if King can see over that, we should
be explosive of offense.

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xsmithcoog116. You’re not “sold” on Tune? What do you think you’re buying? If CDH is impressed with Tune, how does your opinion rate?

When did he say he was impressed with Tune?

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Can’t wait to see Kyle Porter Run ! Go Coogs…Beat OU !

Oh wow. Well this entire website is majority opinion based so I’m entitled to voice mine regardless. Do you single everyone out that voice their opinions or just those that you dont agree with? Here’s a thought, if you dont agree with me, say so. Then we can get into specifics and have an actual conversation. Don’t say something so wide-sweeping like “if the coach is sold on Tune…”.
I mean after all, are you sure he’s sold on Tune, or are you simply doing the same thing you got on to me about( an opinion)?

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Personally I like Tune. No doubt to me he has the ability to lead this team however instincts can be measured best when the real bullets are flying.

As for Porter, I expect a lunch pale type of player. He can block, get the tough 2-3 yards, catch the ball and be a great leader. I look for Patrick Car to lead the way

I’m not sold on Tune either…I wasn’t sold on the King hype until the middle of last season…

I wonder why you think Bryson needs to see snaps at QB. I can’t remember anything from his actual play on the field that would support him being our QB. He was 2 of 5 for 40 yards with one interception. He rushed 19 times for a net 74 yards or 3.9 yards/attempt.

As for Tune, I saw flashes that made me think that he could be really good, but who knows? I think that Smith should probably stay at WR and just support whatever CDH thinks.


So let’s talk about receiver. They get rid of the dropsies I think our top 3 are as good as anyone we will play. Stevenson, Lark and Corbin. I love the depth with Smith and Singleton and maybe Mark.
What is intriguing to me is we red shirted 4 receivers from the last class. Will any of these guys get in the mix and start to make their mark for the program?

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People with thin skin on this board, jeeze. You can give it but certainly can’t handle anybody who might question what you say. Here’s a direct quote from CDH in today’s “The Cougar.” BTW, this same quote appeared a bit ago on one of the chat boards re CDH specifically spending time with Tune (It may be been during Spring ball).

Tune, a former three-star recruit of Carrollton, threw for eight touchdowns in the five games that he appeared in after King was injured, and he has continued to improve in the spring.

“I’ve been very impressed with him. He’s a very smart kid. He is progressing as good as anybody on our football team right now,” Holgorsen said.

Holgorsen said he would love to be able to redshirt him and play him in four games in 2019 to have Tune for three more years.


I dont think we’ve seen him play enough to call him just a WR. I remember people were so enamored with Kyle Allen’s arm and his “5 star rating” and wanted King to stay at WR. Lol The trend is clearly continuing with Tune and Smith. Maybe Bryson isn’t fit to be a QB, who knows? One thing is for certain, neither Smith or Tune have shown anything that has me saying “wow, this kid is going to be our QB forward”. I trust CDH’s judgement as well, but what fun is in just stating that?


5 passes isn’t enough for you? :slight_smile:


So the head coach (who calls the plays on offense) is spending time with the second most experienced QB on his roster equates to him being sold on him as a starter? Ok got it. Lol look, coaches spend time working with players all year; that doesnt mean they are sold on them as being starters, rotational players, or special team guys. There are a lot of guys in football that work hard with coaches and never will be starters.

Again, you simply extrapolated and presented your understanding(opinion) as fact. Nothing different than what most of us do on this board. As far as being thin skinned, you literally devalued my opinion, and did what a lot of people do on this board-state yours, and revert to the ubiquitous “well I trust the coach’s decision” as if it would grant your aforementioned opinion impenetrable armor. But it doesnt and others are allowed to defend the points they make.

Receivers have never been developed in the Briles system. I am looking forward to seeing Smith after spending as off season that really focused on rout running, reading the defenses and setting up blocks.

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