2019 Highlights vs SMU

I forgot how close the game was and how well Car ran. I did remember Speedy taking it to the house a couple of times.
We didn’t play SMU last year.


I think our defense will hold SMU in check, maybe around 30 points. Offensively, I sure hope Hogerson plans on playing a little tempo to get the ball out of Tunes hands quickly. That’s when our offense looks the best. You can bet SMU will bring the house with blitzes. The best way to counter a blitz is to use a little tempo

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We have to get our running game going.
SMU will score but I’m hoping the D will keep playing like it has, get after the QB and make things happen

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We had a lot of explosive plays, hope we can get some of those again. Our defense did a better job than I thought they would, but 2021 D is much, much better. Can’t have the turnovers like we did in 2019, that Bryson Smith fumble was a disaster, Tune threw a pick too.

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In order to get the running game going the offense can’t be predictable. Offense of line is it good enough to just line up and run it down their throats, and talent alone won’t cut it. I noticed the game before last against Tulane the offense was using a little more motion and tempo. Hopefully we get back to that against SMU

One thing you can say about Dana’s UH teams is that we play hard 100% every game. Don’t always execute but man I love the effort. That starts with the head coach. We were actively tanking, missing our starting QB, and many other starters. We knew there was no hope for that season. And still didn’t fold, was a drive away from beating the #18 team in the country.


Other than Grambling, we haven’t got our running game going all year. Almost 1/3rd of our season rushing yards were against Grambling. There’s a reason we’re 99th in the nation in rushing, and its not because we have a devastating passing offense.

To me thats the biggest disappointment of the season. We’re 17 spots worse than last year

Yeah, but I noticed we wore he black uniforms. :thinking:

Our O did well in that game and a lot of games, but our D was just not holding up. Well, this year we have a good defense, and I like our chances a lot. We certainly don’t have Speedy anymore, but we do have Dell. I am sure he will be doubled due to the lack of alternative threats. This is the time for Singleton, Carter, and Trahan to step it up on the receiving end and the OL to step up and give Tune some protection.

I know that SMU has been scoring a lot, but I think our D will be able to hold them to a manageable number. But our O has to put points on the board – lethargic play will get us buried.

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Car was explosive then. He looked great.

I noticed the same.