2019 Hype video and stadium entrance video

Do we have one? Haven’t gotten to the games early enough to see it and NRG felt like an away game. Especially after the DADADADADADADADA

I was in my seat for the opening game at the time they would have played it…but I didn’t notice it. Either they didn’t play one or it wasn’t good enough to catch my attention…I was hoping to hear O Fortuna

Pretty sure it’s the video that starts with the graffiti Houston and shows the players in front of that one by one. Don’t know the music.

For those that stayed until the end of the game, did the WSU fans do a Whose House chant in the closing seconds or was I just hearing things?

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They did a chant, but I don’t think it was a Whose House? Chant. Might have one of their own.

Thought i heard that too. Was puzzled.

It sounded like it the chant as if they were mocking us after getting the win.

I thought I heard it at first but it it was just something with Cougs that I couldn’t make out. They’re fans were cool. They didn’t really get loud until that hype video. I sat on WSU side and the pockets of their fans focused on their team. They weren’t Texas Tech fans by any means.

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Like the first three games, the pregame hype video is very “meh.”

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It’s probably been said before but we need to make the O Fortuna video a permanent fixture and just update with new clips annually.

It’s not that complicated. Give the people what they want.



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