2019 Team

I predict that we will have a much better team than many think. That fiasco we saw at the end of last season was caused by two factors, neither of which will be there when we open the new season. Many injured players will be healed now, including our Heisman-candidate quarterback; and they will not be coached by Applewhite. Many of our opponents are in for a big surprise!


We had real bad and unorganized coaching, with bunch of injuries involved. Add the talent CDH has added so far at the right positions for depth, UH football will be much better.


Some of the injuries were a byproduct of the bad and disorganized coaching (i.e. strength & conditioning).

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As poor as Major was as a coach the DC was twice as bad. KB was a disasrer as well despite the numbers some of the fans love.


I hope the OU coaches and players watch a lot of film of last year’s games.

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Especially the Defense…