2020-21 Team Photo

Did Grimes grow taller over the summer?


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Nah, he just has better posture. :joy:

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The thought crossed my mind but that pic makes him look taller than Gresham.

Broodo looks like he has gotten bigger.

Jarreau is so slumped he looks like he’s 5’10".

heckofa coach:player ratio

No wonder tickets cost so much!

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Actually, tickets are pretty darned inexpensive. Have you ever bought tickets to a Rockets game?

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Broodo looks like he just graduated from State Trooper Academy in Utah,1987.


He looks like he could have interrogated McLovin.

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15 suits, 14 players…

Is that you, Benny Anders (NOCoog85)? (No I think he was from Bernice, LA)

You might want to check on your math skills or get vision testing - I see/count 15 players and 14 suits.

Well…13 suits and 1 dress… maybe a pants suit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Once, in the late 1980’s.

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