2020 Bowl Lineup - American with 7 tie-ins, potentially 5 against P5 teams

The American will have seven tie-ins and looks like it could be involved in possibly five bowls against Power 5 opponents: the new Fenway Park bowl (ACC), Military (ACC), Birmingham (SEC), Quick Lane (Big Ten) and Gasparilla (SEC). It’s doubtful the SEC will have enough teams every year to send to Gasparilla, but still the American will easily have the most opportunities among the Group of 5 leagues to play Power 5 opponents in the postseason.


Another recruiting pitch. Great news!

The separation within the G5 continues

I thought all teams went to bowls now?


No Brian it just seems that way with 120 D1 schools and what, about a hundred bowls. Surely at least a couple dozen teams don’t make it. :wink:


no, but they are working on it.