2020 bracketology

Getting that preseason just after March love.


Man, I love being relevant again!!


I don’t know how to react or act around others. It is weird.


I’m calling it now, top 10 preseason pick if Amoni comes back and we add another piece for dis year.


Armoni is coming back.


I don’t know about a top ten, but starting out ranked is really cool!

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I think next year will be a bit different than this is past season as in we could experience a little rough patch but by seasons end well be just as good or even better!

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This has to be the greatest sports era in the history of the city of Houston. Astros, Rockets, Coog Basketball, Texans, Coog Track and Field, Coog Football.

There has never been a better time. Late 70’s was pretty good.


Mid 90s to Early 2000…Rockets1994- 1995 Back-to-Back Champs, Houston Comets 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 4_Peat Champs…



Maybe Haley’s Comet.


Laughing now but you were cheering then…

No, espn tried its hardest with the nba to force us to watch. It is great that it is there but it is like forcing a new ‘tradition’ at every football game. The vast majority did not care. Didn’t the minor league hockey team win some around then as well? Katy football as well?

I think Katy’s streak started in 98.

Edit: started in 97. Made championship game - 2000. In last 22 years they’ve made 13 state championship games. And that’s with not making it since 2015.
Pretty dominant streak.

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So did the Houston Dynamo :joy::joy::joy:

I need report on some Middle school Championships please.

Aeros, sure they won some…I enjoyed those teams over the stinking Texans…


#9 seed

That’s a fair start. I think our ceiling right now is quite undetermined…especially if Grimes gets granted.

Also…lulz at The Entitlement Arts College of Austin no where to be found.

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