2020 Offseason: Coaching Carousel

Uh oh…tried to go to the tweet but says it is unavailable. Maybe Tarleton St was just floating the idea to see the reaction? Art Briles or Billy Clyde: who gets a shot at another head coaching job in the NCAA first?

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Comparing BCG to Briles, wow


Good times ahead in West Texas. Good party times.

I want Shaka to make the sweet sixteen next year…where he’s dismantled by the H.

Hoping to see Tarleton State on the home schedule next season (am I going too far in assuming there will be a basketball season?).

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You mean for like an exhibition?

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Exhibition is fine. I would fight mid-week traffic to see that exhibition game.

(Edit: Read that Tarleton State will be Division I for '20-‘21 season as part of the WAC…just sayin’)

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There will be a basketball season next year. With fourteen companies racing for a vaccine and numerous therapeutic remedies being tested we should be a go by the Fall.

Not saying we’ll have a vaccine by then, but just that the commotion should be over. If not then it probably means we don’t have a functioning economy and at least UH will have a Rollerball squad.



Interesting response:

Oh ok didnt realize they were division 1 now thanks for pointing that out!

It was news to me. I also did not realize that Tarleton State is part of the Texas A&M system so I am learning lots of new things thanks to this hire.

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