2020 Offseason: Coaching Carousel

I had not seen that Thunder Dan was out at Grand Canyon. I guess Iona’s hire is not official yet so it did not make the list. Was wondering if a certain school in Texas had made their move but he was not on the list yet.

I like Shaka. He deserves so much better than Austin University.


I like him too but I still want UT to lose. On Thunder Dan, he won 60% of his games and 65% of his conference games but still got fired. They finished 5th in their conference this year – the first time they finished outside the top 3 since he arrived. Feels a little like a Pat Foster situation…

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I guess will find out if Will Wade is really teflon

If Shaka missed the tourney this year that would have been 3 times in his 5 years there. Between Penders and Barnes they missed the tourney 3 times total over a 27 year span. That’s on Shaka, not UT.

Agree that it seems like Thunder Dan got a raw deal.

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Shaka coming back


Not shocked. He has everyone coming back and has 5 star Greg Brown possibly going there. Plus they finished like in a 10 game winning streak. It’s NOW or NEVER for Shaka.

UT never came close to 10 gm winning streak even in the end of season. They went 5-5 to end year, or they went 7-5, or 7-7, pick which you like but no-no to 10-0 !!



The Sips might be saving their money in case they need to buy out Herman.



Shaka surprised me at the end this year, overall I think he has underachieved at Texas!


10 game winning streak?
The last game they came home and got a absolutely embarrassed by OSU
The 2nd to last game they won on a miracle shot or the finish would have been much like the rest of their season.
Shaka stays because he cost a lot to throw away.

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He has one more year BEFORE they move into “their” new arena !

Ya think!!

Wow…I thought Billy Clyde had coached his last college game. So, if he is hired and does well, will Rothstein also use the “Redemption” theme for Gillispie?