2021-2022 regular season recap

I wanted to start a thread recapping the regular season. Allowing people to post long thread about certain players performance this yr. Favorite games, moments, etc.

Obviously we won both regular season and conference tournament, so feelings on the team are high.

But, you just never know with March Madness. So just recap the season if youd like.

Top 5 best games of the season for me:

1.@Wichita St 2OT

2.Memphis - AAC Championship game

3.@Alabama - we’ll remember this one for years. “It was a goaltend”

4.Hofstra OT game

5.Temple blow out win - Elvin hits the 3. Taze slam off the backboard

Honorable mention:

6.SMU home game - to help clinch AAC regular season title

7.Memphis home game - 1 handed Reggie slam

8.@SMU - SMU just couldn’t miss from 3 that game. Fun rewatch on YouTube

9.@UCF - Darrin Green hitting three 3s early… I thought we were gonna get blown out. Especially cause they had a great crowd

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All of the Taze alley oops. Every. Last. One.


Agreed that would be my order. Now every win from round 32 will probably beat the wins we had


Better pre-NCAA Tourney season than last year, but last season had crazy circumstances