2021 College World Series

Who you got ? I’ve got Vandy and Tenn in the Championship

Bucket List…Want to go see Coogs in CWS before I kick it

Final Finish
8. Arizona
7. Tennessee
6. Stanford
5. Virginia
4. NC St
3. TU
2. Vandy

  1. Miss St

First Natty Miss St has ever one in any sport from what I read

Vandy has the arms…

Another all-power 5 CWS. The ncaa is happy. espn is happy. Me… ditto: “Want to go see Coogs in CWS before I kick it”.

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Before I kick it, I want to see the Coogs advance to the CWS and see the Coogs win a National Championship, in either basketball or football.


We didn’t win my freshman year in '67 but we made it to the final game against Arizona State. But yeah, I would like to see us at least get back to Omaha and then for my bucket list win the dang thing…

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The Cougars defeated the Longhorns 11-8 for the District 8 championship to reach Omaha in 1967.

In Austin I believe. A friend of mine, Jim Parker told me that the Texas coach was quoted in the local paper saying the Coogs didn’t need to pack many clothes because they would be home pretty quickly lol.

TU vs UT in Elim game Tuesday…Go Vols !!


I guess some of you guys are 16.

'Zona first team out…

Like a friend of mine said yesterday after watching these teams and especially the pitching in the CWS, UH plays checkers and these guys are playing chess


One of my cship game pixs, Tennessee is 2nd team out. Vandy vs Stanford in elim game today…Go Cards !!!

Wow…Stanford implodes in 9th to lose it…Cards out

Texas has a chance to win the dang thing with a Coog as head coach!

NC State fans are coming out of the woodwork around the triangle…

Praying the Baseball Gods don’t allow it…happy for Coach Pierce & Allen personally …BUT…I can NEVER root for TU in ANYTHING


Just glad to see a couple of great Coogs doing well. Hope they win it all

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Hope they lose tonight. Too bad the damn 'Sips even made the tournament.


They will be in the finals. It’s their thing more than anything else.

Down goes the Cavs…

Also be prepared to see TAMU as a Omaha fixture soon. Schloss has put together a stout staff…makes me bummed out to watch TU and TAMU soar and then see where we’re at :unamused:

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