2021 Non-Opponents - AAC (Cincy/UCF)


Cincy clocking in at 18 for CFN

The usual suspects in the pre-season “playoff”.

The national media keeps putting Austin at the tops of these lists. Didn’t they just FIRE THEIR COACH??

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But they are UT, they are entitled to rankings regardless of actual performance or record.


We need a 14 team playoff. 10 auto bids, 4 at large.

Won’t happen.

I only watch AAC games because of this… If everyone that supports a G5 school would just turn off the “power” conference games the expanded playoff would happen.

I know this won’t happen… but I can’t stand watching games where I know the teams playing have an unfair advantage over us; to not only win a championship but also to earn millions of dollars for their universities.