2021 Schedule


2021 Houston Football Schedule

Sept. 4 vs. Texas Tech (at NRG Stadium)
Sept. 11 at Rice
Sept. 18 Grambling
Sept. 25 Navy *
Oct. 1 at Tulsa * (Friday)
Oct. 7 at Tulane * (Thursday)
Oct. 23 East Carolina *
Oct. 30 SMU *
Nov. 6 at USF *
Nov. 13 at Temple *
Nov. 19 Memphis * (Friday)
Nov. 27 at UConn

*- American Athletic Conference game

@UConn :expressionless:

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UCONN? I’m guessing the San Antonio Home For Unwed Mothers wasn’t available?



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EVERY GAME is winnable!!!

We avoid UCF and Cincy, and our toughest conference games (Memphis, SMU, Navy) are all at home!!!

This is the formula for a 10 win plus season, and a conference title game appearance.



Playing Tech at NRG makes no sense to me.


It’ll be cool at least.

I am sure money was involved, hopefully it will be more like the Oklahoma atmosphere than WSU


Yeah, let’s see if we play half of those. We are in a pandemic and it is not going away.


If I were a betting man I would say it will more like when we played Rice there years ago lol

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Well that’s a nice “see look at our progress” schedule. If I thought we had a team to compete at a high level I’d be annoyed with this schedule, but where we’re at it’s fine.

100 buck starting price for season tickets seems a bit high for that home slate.


So that Uconn game is a one and done…glad we stick to our guns and don’t schedule 1 and done games with P5 opponents. We do neutral and aways though…

No Thursday night home games is nice at least.

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Yep, Thu night games are not good with our attendance. Never have been and never will be.

Overall, I am more interested in our program getting better and evolving as a program versus how many Ws we achieve with a weak schedule.

I would rather have a 8 win team (with a more difficult schedule) that takes a team like UC in a competitive game that comes down to the wire than a 10 win team, with a weak schedule that would get blown out by UC if we had to play them in a conference championship game.

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Truth is at this point in time, it remains to be seen whether UH will have an opportunity to play 10+ games this season - and if so, how much live game attendance will be limited (ie; social distancing, etc.)

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I am more optomisitic than last season as at the start of last season, no one was vaccinated, by the beginning of this coming season, millions will have been as nationwide there are around 1 million per day. Has to be better than last year!

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I’m guessing all schools are planning full attendance this year with last minute changes if needed.


If the country is bascially vaccindated or the virus is curtailed, those in power won’t be able to hold the country down any longer. Most have had it!

All sports are planning on opening their games for next fall.


Who is in NRG calling UH and forcing them to lose home games?

Tech ain’t gonna draw 60k or is it some unwritten big 12 rule to play UH only at NRG?


For a second I thought the G on the schedule were the Georgia Bulldogs. Oh well, will settle for Grambling. :grinning:


They have a great and fun band. And Grambling brings people unlike Rice.