2021 Season is Over

This seems to be legit. Kicking two senior pitchers off the team and wiping them off the roster like they never existed a week after senior day? That is pretty rough, must have been ugly. I noticed neither one of those guys got any serious innings in this year. Probably not a good feeling to watch your team get their butt kicked every game and never get the call from the bullpen.

Be interested to see who enters the transfer portal in the next few weeks.


Good article by Ryan. Like said before it looks like Anderson was the real reason Whitting had some successful seasons.


We are ranked 17th out of 22 programs in the State. Here is where we stand today in the State of Texas:

RPI School Record Against

    • 4 Texas (1-2)
    • 6 Texas Tech DID NOT PLAY
    • 43 Baylor DID NOT PLAY
    • 50 Dallas Baptist DID NOT PLAY
    • 83 Texas A&M (0-1)
    • 91 Abilene Christian DID NOT PLAY
    • 117 Sam Houston State DID NOT PLAY
    • 144 UT-Arlington (2-2)
    • 173 UT-Rio Grande Valley DID NOT PLAY
    • 175 Rice DID NOT PLAY
    • 176 Lamar (0-1)
    • 179 Texas A&M-Corpus (3-1)
    • 180 Stephen F Austin DID NOT PLAY
    • 227 Texas State (2-1)
    • 233 UH
    • 235 Incarnate Word (1-0)
    • 246 Tarleton State DID NOT PLAY
    • 253 Houston Baptist DID NOT PLAY
    • 275 Prairie View A&M CANCELED
    • 289 Texas Southern (3-0)

Brutal…If it wasn’t for the contract $$ ramifications is there any doubt that Coog Baseball would be going in a different direction as of today ? Program is as stale as day old bread at the dollar store. I don’t see why you’d keep CTW on, except for the buyout, as no top AC’s are coming on board with CTW on the hot seat and recruits are going to be very gun shy as well. Hate to see CTW not get us there but I LOVE Coog baseball and seeing program in this state makes me sick


I do love baseball and i hate to see anyone get fired or let go… with that being said. There is no reason fans will be flocking to the baseball games next year. There was big talk about having the best juco recruiting class. Who would believe him anymore. Lots of transfers out of the program and guys getting cut.

Sad state of the program. On another alit of big programs are making changes. Rice, lsu let go of their ppl


Monceaux’s data is damning. Worse that I remember and trending in a bad direction.

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I have two degrees from UH and have backed both men and women’s sports at UH since I can remember.
In regards to baseball I have attended every regional and super regional the team has appeared in both at home and on the road.
My son attended just about all of them with me and grew up with a love for UH.
By the time my son was a sophomore it became evident that he would be talented enough to play college baseball at the D1 level. He played in multiple showcases on the UH campus and performed very well.( The summers between 15 thru 17)
His coaches contacted the UH coaching staff and let them know that he would love to attend UH…no one ever reached out to us…not once despite several efforts on our part and his coaches…The summer before his senior year he had 7 D1 offers of varying amounts. My son would have committed to and played for UH in a heartbeat.

He has played the last four years and made all conference his last two at another school in the state in a so-called “Power 5” conference.

I will always be a Coog fan at heart but I will always have a bad taste in my mouth over this coaching staff. When the coaches bother to show up ( even at the big events) they walk around with an air of superiority that you might expect from a team that had been to multiple trips to Omaha…maybe time to humble themselves and do more than look at JUCO stats sheets to recruit.


That is sad to hear. We heard bad things on how players were handled in Nobles last years and appears we are hearing the same type of things on how players are handled now.


Really tough to hear that we can’t even call back a local high end talent with a passion for UH. Not saying everyone that is D1 worthy deserves an offer, but a visit, a call, a questionnaire…something. But to get nothing? What are we doing here?

And it goes further than that. The high school coaches will remember not getting the call back. So the next time that coach has a D1 worthy player, he might just tell them to cross UH off the list.

I’m done being negative, the season is over, now I will sit back and see what happens with our recruiting and potential players leaving. If not much changes and we bring in another huge block of JUCO transfers to fill the roster out…I may just choose to sit out and not watch. Great college teams are built on young cores that grow with experience and chemistry and filled in with a few JUCO/transfers.

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I can verify this, posted similar in previous thread.


Sad to hear about your son. That should never happen. Somebody that’s clearly a player that has many affiliations. Unreal.

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Ridiculous. A staff that can’t get local recruits can’t call a Div 1 prospect back or drop by to chat with him? I know recruiting is a highly focused and personal but this is bad. There are two sides to everything but…ugh.

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It was over weeks, errrr months, ago.

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If he treats seniors like that, I wonder how he is treating the rest of the guys


This is heartbreaking.


Hurts to say it but, maybe part of your son’s success is because he was snubbed by our current staff and benefitted from the coaches he had where he ended up playing.


That would be great for Pollardsvision’s son, but just as damning for our program.


The season is over? Welcome to the world Rip Van Winkle.

Well, it looks like the AAC only got two teams into the tournament. Not a good look for the conference and reflects even worse on our record.