2021 Transfer Portal

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You have to be careful about transfers (reason for leaving, baggage, etc) but he certainly has the talent to fit here.

CKS probably wouldn’t after him since he is tight w/ Beard and he probably won’t take a kid who leaves in the middle of the season. On top of he wasn’t that impressive this year.


Im interested to see if we reach out to the WVU transfer Tshibwe. He could help in a position of need.

The 6-foot-9, 260-pound center has heard from Clemson, Florida State, Indiana, Kentucky, Memphis, Miami, NC State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Utah, and Western Kentucky, the source tells 247Sports.

Why would you go to Memphis…unless the money was good?


Why are these players leaving mid-season? It seems odd.


Why would it be a problem to go after him if he is already leaving their program? And over the last several years, UH has lost a few players to Tech. I don’t get why him transferring here would matter?

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Exactly. At this point, I don’t get it. It’s not like Penny has done a superb job of coaching.

Grimes wasn’t so impressive with Kansas but look at him now.
I suspect if CKS was interested he would call Beard and get the low down from him. I’m sure Beard would be happy to see the kid land with us if he thought it would be a fit.


Those are just the schools that reached out to him.

wonder why we haven’t, I think we could use a true center

I could be dead wrong but I don’t think he is good enough honestly. Grimes was a local kid and he had some flashes. Burnett looked overrated but I’m speculating so I could be wrong.

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Other then selfish reasons, I dunno.

Maybe beat the Calvary during this unique off season coming up.

You guys are missing out on what a lot of top kids care about. Memphis is a name brand program that fills up a NBA arena every game. Penny is the coach and they have had a 1st rd draft pick in the last 2 drafts. Winning is a factor but not as much as you think since the blue chips don’t planning on beings there more than 2 years.


Money.Period. You can do the other things at a lot of other schools.

CKS is all about work ethic and chemistry. A player that thinks he is above that is poison in the Chemistry department, and will not work on a CKS team. By March we will see what this team can do.


Grimes started every single game for a top 15 team, averaged 8pts a game…grimes was impressive as a freshman if you remove the gaudy expectations

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UConn 4 star freshman center transferring…

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